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Online Satsang with Jeff Carr May 25th

May 25, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Jeffrey Carr, Senior AMS Teacher

Satsang & Reading from ‘Making Spiritual Progress’
by Gururaj Ananda Yogi
Monday, May 25th, 2020
8 – 9 pm East Coast Time
7 – 8 pm Midwest Time
5 – 6 pm West Coast Time

Zoom Meeting ID: 894-4298-9866

Excerpt from ‘Making Spiritual Progress’

Gururaj: Is it necessary for you to judge your (spiritual) progress? (On) the spiritual path, you do not have signposts which can be perceived by your five senses: seeing, hearing touching, smelling, tasting, and all that. And (in any case,) the moment you start analyzing your progress, your progress stops, because you are bringing the mind into action. The progress on the spiritual path is the progress to peace, which is devoid of all mental ramifications and logic. Those are meanderings which only the mind can produce. The spirit is so still and peaceful that it does not need to show you the signs of your progress.

So, you might not be able to see the progress yourself. But others around you will be able to notice it. (They might say) that he or she is a different person; that something has changed in her. You will find people remarking how wonderful you are! For example, for those of you who are sincere meditators, I can see clearly on your faces the serenity that’s produced by (meditation). I can see (it in) the body language of how you move and in the relaxed way you sit. For example, five years ago you might have moved in a certain way, and after five years of meditation, you’re moving in a totally different way. There is far more grace in your movement. Your eyes have that added sparkle. Your smile will not only be only the pulling of the lips, but your eyes will be smiling as well as your lips. You might not notice the twinkle which is there, but the others will notice it. (They will say,) “she has such a twinkle in her smile”.

For example, when I came here to England last year, I was very ill after having had a long trip and I was totally fatigued. But everyone said, as you English people say, “Gore Blimey! You look ten years younger!” I don’t notice it, but you notice it. Do you see? The eyes cannot see themselves, and yet you do feel something. You do feel that there is progressively greater and greater stability within you. The world is going to remain the same. Be sure of that. You can’t change the world. There (has always) been murder, pillage, rape and all kinds of things. You can read it in the Bible and even in scriptures before the Bible, before the time of Jesus. The world is not any better today than it was thousands of years ago. So, do not be concerned about the world; you can’t change the world. So many Christs and so many Buddhas and Krishnas and Gururajs have come and gone- but they can’t reform the whole world. It’s not possible. But you can reform individuals.

(The Guru is like the gardener in the parables of Jesus). The gardener goes on planting his seeds, as the scriptures say. Some (seeds) will fall on fertile ground and will grow; some on barren ground and so will not grow; and some (will fall) on the rocks for the birds of the air to eat. But the gardener does his duty. He carries on planting. The Guru can see more deeply into the heart, the soul and into the mind of man, just as the gardener can see how his flowers are growing. (The gardener can see how the) tomatoes are growing before she plucks them. But the tomato itself does not know how red or how ripe it is. (In the same way,) human beings have a limited mind and so cannot see themselves until they reach the ultimate. When the ultimate goal of becoming totally self-realized is reached, the test will be that you will feel the total universe merging into you and you will merge into the totality of the universe. Beyond that, you will capture within yourself, in your physical form, the Personal God, while you will also operate as the Impersonal God. So the person, the Personal God, the Impersonal God and the Primal Energy become all the same.
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    May 25, 2020
    8:00 pm - 9:00 pm