If you develop stillness within yourself, nothing outside you can bother you. Only by diving deep into the center of yourself can you experience everything in its wholeness. In class you will be supported by a teacher based on your own experience and you will learn the effortless of practice. Our teachers are accessible, peruse the find a teacher list below. Course fees are determined by your local instructor.


These classes focus on how to meditate effortlessly. They serve as a foundational class for further instruction as well as meditation for beginners. The course will teach a balanced set of practices including breath, mantra, and focused visualization with emphasis on correct technique, becoming the observer of thoughts, understanding the meditative process, and becoming less reactive to external events.

Online Introductory Meditation Class

These six once-a-week online sessions will focus on how to meditate effortlessly. No experience necessary; we will be starting at the beginning.



Advanced meditation techniques and practices are offered to deepen meditation experience. Advanced meditation practices are offered as follows:

Individualized Meditation Instruction: Personalized mantra and meditation techniques based on the individual’s own unique make up are offered in one-on-one instruction.

Learn How to Meditate on a Meditation Retreat: Meditation techniques and classes are also taught on weekend retreats as well as on longer national retreats. See Upcoming Retreats.

Please contact us to learn more about how to meditate.