Meditation is highly effective in relieving stress from the demands of daily life. It is a powerful tool for healing physical and emotional suffering, and for supporting spiritual unfoldment. These practices provide access to our spiritual core, ultimately centering us in an ineffable sense of love, safety and well-being larger than ourselves.

Studies show that meditating for 20 minutes per day can:

  • Enhance a sense of well being
  • Decrease anger and irritability
  • Enhance creativity
  • Increase intelligence
  • Offer a greater sense of inner strength
  • Recover more quickly from set-backs


Clinical studies over the last 30 years have documented that the use of regular meditation has significant effects on mind and body:


Normalizes blood pressure
Improves immune function
Slows the aging process
Reduces anxiety, burnout, improves stress related disorders
Promotes the experience of relaxation throughout the day
Decreases insomnia


Improves psychological health and self-esteem
Lowers incidence of depression, anger, irritability
Improves concentration
Increases positive thinking
Enhances creativity
Facilitates psychological development


Calm the emotions – experience tranquility
Deeply experience life in the present moment
Expand awareness of connection to all living beings
Improve the quality of everyday life
Develop inner strength
Enhance understanding and acceptance of others
Increase awareness of your unique spiritual journey

Meditation is a way of reaching, and directly experiencing the depths of our true selves. Meditation practices take us beyond identification with the limited, conditioned mind and into the heart. AMS teaches practices step-by-step, as we lead you gently and gradually based on your own experiences.