The teachings of Gururaj and AMS range in content, but are singular in mission. Gururaj taught what we often call the “path of unfoldment”. This is the path for each individual that leads to self-realization, and understanding of the non-dualistic nature of reality. Everything that we need is inside of us; all we need to do is allow ourselves to truly unfold.

Specifics on Gururaj’s teachings can be found in any of the books that he has written, and the many satsang recordings and transcripts that are available to purchase in the store. These recordings and transcripts are received free with AMS membership. Teachings are also offered through the weekly reflection email, also received for free when you become a Level 1 member, and through talks and open discussions during AMS classes and retreats.


To provide instruction in meditation as taught by the founder of AMS, Gururaj Ananda Yogi.
To preserve and share the universal teachings of Gururaj with integrity and wisdom.
To provide a place where those who wish to unfold the inner self may do so in the company of other like-minded people.


The essence of our teaching is to experience the living presence of love and to bring that awareness into our daily lives.