Join Friendly Circles!

Want to feel more connected, more respected, more upbeat? Maybe also make a new friend or two?
Visit one of our Friendly Circles! Each Circle has a warm, caring host and a dozen or so open, accepting people. Using zoom, we meet an hour weekly.
Typical topics: “What was a time you felt successful?” “Who has been a big help in your life?” “Do you have clear life purposes and, if so, how’s do you feel about your progress so far?” “Did you ever have an experience that was upsetting at first but ended up being very good for you?”
You can share your experiences or just listen. Join with video on or off. Leave whenever you want. No pressure. No therapy. Just a place for good friends to talk about their lives and better get to know one another.
All are welcome and it’s free for all. We are an innovative, friendly non-profit, aiming to make us a friendlier world. Everyone feeling heard. Everyone feeling honored.
Is that possible? Visit a Circle meeting. See for yourself.
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