More about Meditation

By meditation and spiritual practices, what we are doing is going deep down to the superconscious level which is the closest to the Manifestor. We use those subtler energies to remodify the thought patterns of the conscious mind. For the conscious mind is a conditioned mind, and we’ve got to use a subtler force to be able to repattern or overcome the conditionings of the conscious mind.

By drawing upon the subconscious energies, the subtlest energies within the relative sphere of life, it floods the dirt away in the subconscious. Modern psychology tries to probe and find causes, we do not. Why analyze the causes? There is a way whereby those energies can be brought forth to clear away the dirt and the muck.

In this room if there is a lot of dirt lying around, are you going to analyze the dirt? Or are you going to bring the broom? Which is better? What is the sense of saying this is sawdust and this came from the wind blowing it in, and that the baby made a wee there? Just bring the broom and sweep it out. Take the direct line and man has this ability.

Through spiritual practices we are working with energies. We are activating energies, but activating grosser energies and very systematically leading those grosser energies so they could reach the more subtler and subtler energies which are in the mind. For the mind has various stratas…the conscious level, the subconscious level and the superconscious level.

The eternal spirit within man is beyond all experience of motion, it just is. It is a question of superimposition. The sun is always there, the clouds may cover it, but it is always there. In meditation we are tapping into this eternal stillness and the quiet part of ourselves.

Gururaj Ananda Yogi
USA 79/10